I did a lot of reading on personality types yesterday. I had originally based my ideas on the MBTI, and planned on following “What Color is Your Parachute.”. However, I found that the Q Color test described me the best. My results reflected that I am a:

Green/Red Introvert

So what does this mean exactly. From the reading that I have been doing I am an idea person that values people, honesty, creativity, fairness, and solidarity. All of this is true. I get aggravated when my intentions are questioned, and I take criticism personally even if it is not meant to be perceived that way.

All of this information began to make me think; am I in the right career? What can be done in my current position to make the job more in line with what I would like? I’ve come up with some ideas that I will try out. If they work I will definitely write them up in a post. If these things don’t work I have some ideas for possible career shifts.


4 thoughts on “Green-Red-Introvert

  1. Saurabh Gore

    Dear Harold, Seems like this post is a couple of years old. However, I took the Color Q test last month from a book called Career Match by Shoya Zichy and my results reflected the exact same which you have mnetioned. Green – Red Introvert. The characteristics/ personality which you have mentioned is like a mirror image. What all ideas did you try out for your career?? Did you have any possible career shifts or did you seek any Career coach to find the best Vocation/ job suited for this profile ?? Looking forward for your reply. Warm Regards, Saurabh Gore.

    1. haroldcochran Post author


      It has been a long time since I wrote that post…

      I’ve been through a lot of changes in that time.

      I’ve changed jobs twice. I’ve graduated from my undergraduate program.

      To sum up what I’ve learned is actually pretty simple.

      Passion isn’t what you should seek. The answer to your questions can’t be found in any test. It can only be found from within yourself.

      I am in a different type of field, but still in the same overall industry (Information Technology). However, I made the decision to not let my career define the man that I am. I let my life define the man I am.

      Some things that I’ve learned about myself:
      1) I like to read; so I read WHATEVER is interesting me at the time.
      2) I like to walk; so I’ve gone on a bunch of walks without trying to think of answers to the questions that I’ve had.
      3) I like music; so I’ve crafted large playlists on YouTube to listen to when I’m in the mood.
      4) I LOVE my family; so I’ve started spending more time with them and less time focusing on what I think that I should be doing with concerns to my career.
      5) I HATE goals; so I’ve setup simple systems instead to make sure that I do the things that I should be doing.

      Do I still want to change my career? No. I’ve found that I’m much happier just seeing my career as a means to do the things that I want to do in life versus it being what I do with my life.

      A couple of things that have helped:
      1) Downsizing everything that I can. My family has moved into a small, but easier to maintain home. This also includes removing a lot of distractions by uninstalling my video games, removing wishful project software (video editing, music creation, etc), and limiting myself to very little television (I watch my favorite sports team, The Walking Dead, and movies with my family).
      2) I strength-train three mornings a week before work. It has helped me in so many ways that I could write an essay about it.

      I hope that I answered your questions. Please let me know if you have any more!

      1. Saurabh gore


        Thank you for responding to my query.

        I have gone through your reply in detail and it seems to me that you have achieved a balanced lifestyle by removing the excesses and doing the things that you want to do. The excesses in your life were in the form of video games, unwanted softwares, watching unlimited tv etc. I guess I have achieved this balance already as I am a 32 year married male from Mumbai, India who relocated to Edmonton, Canada a couple of years ago. I think being married for 4 years and relocating to a different country, automatically balanced things for me. Listening to your life style and the changes you made is again like a mirror image.

        I work in the hospitality industry which is basically a people oriented industry which is not a good fit for my personality type. As such I wanted to know is there anything you did to find a job which suits this personality type as you mentioned that you are a green red introvert.

        I completely agree with you in the sense that our life should define the person we are. But wouldn’t it be just fabulous to get up everyday and be excited to go to work which suits our personality rather than dragging us out of bed every morning so that we could just pay our bills but rather enjoy it. I hope you are trying to understand what I am trying to say. The easiest way to explain would be like currently, me and my profession are like square peg and a round hole. I am looking for a fit like round peg and round hole. I thinks this explains things clearly.

        Anyways thank you once again for your reply.

        Warm Regards,

        Saurabh Gore

      2. haroldcochran Post author


        I understand completely. I too am married, and I don’t know if you have any children, but I have two. Currently I’m 31 years old and live near Augusta, GA (USA).

        To go a little further into detail when I wrote the post I knew that I wanted to do something that helped people. Being an introvert does make it tough to interact with a lot of different people, but something about helping people takes my mind off of that difficulty. So at the time I thought that I wanted to become a physician, nurse, or other health-related position. These careers would still put the introvert in me in an uncomfortable place, but I’d be helping others in the most truest form.

        Part of the green/red type is holding value in the people that you work with. In the hospitality industry I’m sure you work with way more people than I ever have. Some of which may not be very pleasant to work with/for at all. The way I see it you may not hold ‘value’ in the people that you ‘work’ with (customers). Frankly I don’t blame you if this is the case.

        The square peg round hole example fits where I was at the time, and with the job after. The job after was with a small-medium sized corporation that made several products that it sold as a service to its customers. There were signs on every floor stating the company values, employee values, etc. I remember the disconnect that I felt when the employees would recite these values and try to ‘live the product’ in their lives. I just couldn’t do it. I don’t think that it was the intention, but to me it just felt like an attempt at brainwashing. This is one of the reasons that the job began to feel really stressful; on top of the fact that we were expected to put work first and family second.

        After a lot of the back and forth thinking of what I should do I realized that I could help people in other ways. The job that I am in now is one that I can help a certain group of people that I have a lot of respect for while still putting the skills that I learned in the IT industry to use (it is really close to the same jobs that I’ve had in the past). This company is another family owned business like the last one, but is actually family-oriented. My boss asks people, “how is the family?”, before asking them how work is going.

        It may just be also that in my industry as an introvert I’m not required to interact with a lot of people if I don’t want to. I wouldn’t see anyone but my boss and a couple of team members if I wanted it that way. The odd thing is that as I’ve become more comfortable and ‘centered’ with myself I find that even though I’m an introvert I can build energy by being with certain other people. Mostly people that have similar interests. I’m an IT guy and a geek; both of which go hand-in-hand with where I am now.

        What skills would you say that you have?
        What educational background do you have?
        Do you have any neurological concerns? (I have ADD and it makes certain things very difficult)


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