Creation Theory

How did we get here? Was it through billions of years of evolution after a “big bang”? Was it a great deity that designed everything that we see and experience today? So many people spend countless hours arguing their side of this debate, and I only have one thing to say to them both.

You are wrong. Shut up for a minute; let me elaborate.

Evolutionists – you believe that a “big bang” created the heavens and the Earth. The Universe has been forming for billions upon billions of years. Earth had the “right stuff” to allow for the creation of life. Life evolved to what we know of it currently. The main opposing question to your theory is, “where did the stuff for the big bang come from?” Sometimes the answer is, “from a previous Universe.” Which is then questioned with, “well, where did that stuff come from?” You are then stuck in a chicken/egg type of discussion.

Creationists – you believe that an intelligent designer created the heavens and the Earth. Everything was formed with a purpose and exactly how the architect wanted it. The main question to your theory is, “why is there no proof of an intelligent designer’s existence?” Usually the answer has something to do with faith, or God’s will, or punishment. However, no scientific proof can ever be given.

Now let me get back to why you are both wrong in your views of creation. Neither theory explains the true beginning of life and the Universe. Where did the original “big bang” stuff come from (think way, way, way back through multiple booms if you have to)? How was the intelligent designer created? They couldn’t have just poofed into existence, or willed their self into life.

To break it down simply; what created the things that you believe created the things that created life? How’s that for a chicken/egg scenario. Why don’t we work together to try and figure this out? Better yet, why don’t we just work together to try and help humanity without a religious or money-driven reason? Why can’t we just help each other because it is the right thing to do as fellow human beings.

Stop trying to figure out how we got here and work on figuring out how to make the future better for our children’s grandchildren. This is our responsibility; let’s stop passing the buck!


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