Analysis of Best Practices for Securing Active Directory


In May 2010 I embarked on a journey of higher education at Western Governors University. With the support of my family, the course mentors, and my student mentor (Angie Carlen) I am finally finishing my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a security emphasis. The final class for any graduate of WGU is the Capstone course. For my Capstone project I chose to analyse the the Best Practices for Securing Active Directory publication released by Microsoft in April 2013.

One of my project deliverables was to create a compliance checklist from the analysis of the publication. I’ve also included a basic Acceptable Risk document for organizations that do not have one, but do not want to take the time to create there own. I have wrapped these documents into a zip file and have added them to a Google drive linked at the top. Please be gentile as this is my first attempt at governance from the IA perspective versus the IT perspective. I am open to any suggestions and would like to make this a governance document for ANY Windows-based infrastructure to use.

This brings me to my final deliverable; which is the public release of my documents.



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