Odd System Center 2012 SP1 CU2 Install Error

I didn’t find much about this particular error. I ran into this while attempting to install Cumulative Update 2 on a SCSM 2012 SP1 Data Warehouse server.

From the log “<Install_Volume>:\Users\<Install_User>\AppData\Local\Temp\SCSMPatcherSetupWizard<##>”

Error lines:Install Progress – (StopServices) Stopping services
mtError: Service ” () could not be stopped.  Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services.
An error occurred while executing a custom action:StopServices

ProcessInstalls: Patcher returned error 1603:Fatal error during installation

During the install process I witnessed the System Center related services being stopped. After a lot of research with no good answers I thought about what the Data Warehouse was and what might be stopping the update from installing. All of the sudden it hit me… the database services. Even with my DW jobs stopped the databases were still up and running. Looking at the database permissions the service account that SCSM uses did not have any SQL roles that could modify the SQL services. I have the service account permissions to modify the services (in my case I just gave it sysadmin, but I’m not a DBA and didn’t have time to research another more secure role).

The install worked like a charm afterward!


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