A Windows Guy Learns DevOps, part i

As a 14 year IT veteran it would be an understatement to say that I know how to stay on top of technology trends. In this industry it’s not just a ‘good’ thing to do, but a survival requirement. Lately I’ve been a little complacent about things like keeping up with my certifications and researching subjects outside of my job-related duties. On my climb out of the slump I seemed to get reignited with the spark that originally led me to this career at the age of 17. Due to personal and professional obligations I’m unable to stay up until 5AM every other day to tinker with new things, but I can still spend a little time learning new things off of the job.

I’ve decided to put some effort into learning this whole DevOps thing that’s all of the rage on job postings. I understand the concepts already, but I’ve never had to put them into practice. Some of my previous jobs have had me doing some heavy scripting, but never anything like what I’ve researched for DevOps. The concept of clicking a button (or sending a command) and creating a new service instance whenever code is updated is just so cool to me. Like most battle-hardened system admins/engineers I absolutely HATE doing the same task more than twice if I can execute it with a script.

I don’t have much in the way of spare equipment to setup a lab so I’m going to test everything in Virtualbox if possible. My first server will be the base image for a majority of my test servers. I’ll be using CentOS 7 minimal install ISO.

More to follow.


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