Creation Theory

How did we get here? Was it through billions of years of evolution after a “big bang”? Was it a great deity that designed everything that we see and experience today? So many people spend countless hours arguing their side of this debate, and I only have one thing to say to them both.

You are wrong. Shut up for a minute; let me elaborate.

Evolutionists – you believe that a “big bang” created the heavens and the Earth. The Universe has been forming for billions upon billions of years. Earth had the “right stuff” to allow for the creation of life. Life evolved to what we know of it currently. The main opposing question to your theory is, “where did the stuff for the big bang come from?” Sometimes the answer is, “from a previous Universe.” Which is then questioned with, “well, where did that stuff come from?” You are then stuck in a chicken/egg type of discussion.

Creationists – you believe that an intelligent designer created the heavens and the Earth. Everything was formed with a purpose and exactly how the architect wanted it. The main question to your theory is, “why is there no proof of an intelligent designer’s existence?” Usually the answer has something to do with faith, or God’s will, or punishment. However, no scientific proof can ever be given.

Now let me get back to why you are both wrong in your views of creation. Neither theory explains the true beginning of life and the Universe. Where did the original “big bang” stuff come from (think way, way, way back through multiple booms if you have to)? How was the intelligent designer created? They couldn’t have just poofed into existence, or willed their self into life.

To break it down simply; what created the things that you believe created the things that created life? How’s that for a chicken/egg scenario. Why don’t we work together to try and figure this out? Better yet, why don’t we just work together to try and help humanity without a religious or money-driven reason? Why can’t we just help each other because it is the right thing to do as fellow human beings.

Stop trying to figure out how we got here and work on figuring out how to make the future better for our children’s grandchildren. This is our responsibility; let’s stop passing the buck!


Retirement Planning

A lot of my thought process has been going into retirement planning lately. There are so many different avenues that one can choose as a source of income when that much desired life phase finally comes. I’ve already got a 401k account through my employer, and I plan on starting an IRA in the near future. However, I am more of an alternative thinking type of guy. One question kept bouncing to the front of my brain and I could no longer ignore it.

What other ways are there to achieve retirement?

Doing some research I was able to come up with a short list:

– Rental Property: This one was the most obvious to me since I already have a rental property. But then I started to imaging what it would be like if I owned ten properties. Let us just imagine that a $600/month profit was realized from each one (this is after they are out of a mortgage). I think that I could live off of $6000/month! A lot of people will say, “That will be a lot of work though, Dude!” It sure will, but I will be happy to sacrifice 10% of the rent per property to have a local company manage it for me; unless I really enjoy property management myself (who says that retirement means that you STOP work?).

– Royalties: Writing has always been a fascination of mine. I get this creationist complex when I write a story, or even programming code. Creativity is a GREAT motivator for me. Making a function work, or describing a scene so that the reader feels that they are there with the character gives me a high that I can’t explain too well. If these skills could be used to create something like a program or a story that people will, in theory, purchase indefinitely  the product will continue to provide some level of income.

– Start-up Investing: Can you imagine the amount of money your initial $5000 would be worth IF the company increased its valuation 50 fold?

Science Fiction

Yesterday I spent about 4-5 hours watching science fiction movies. I forgot the sense of wonder and awe that I get when watching movies about space. The first movie was “Contact” and the second was “Red Planet”. I absolutely love science fiction, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in other stuff that I forget. Days like yesterday help me to remember and to recharge a little bit.

Are we alone in the Universe? My personal belief is no. Statistically there HAS to be other life out there somewhere. I even believe that there is intelligent life out there. We just need an opportunity to cross paths. I came up with a couple of good story ideas while having my cinema decompression session; maybe I’ll find the time to put idea to keyboard sometime in the near future.

Do you want to feel small and insignificant for a few minutes?

Go Here:


I did a lot of reading on personality types yesterday. I had originally based my ideas on the MBTI, and planned on following “What Color is Your Parachute.”. However, I found that the Q Color test described me the best. My results reflected that I am a:

Green/Red Introvert

So what does this mean exactly. From the reading that I have been doing I am an idea person that values people, honesty, creativity, fairness, and solidarity. All of this is true. I get aggravated when my intentions are questioned, and I take criticism personally even if it is not meant to be perceived that way.

All of this information began to make me think; am I in the right career? What can be done in my current position to make the job more in line with what I would like? I’ve come up with some ideas that I will try out. If they work I will definitely write them up in a post. If these things don’t work I have some ideas for possible career shifts.

What Color is My Parachute

I don’t really know yet. I do however, plan to find out.

What Color is Your Parachute is a book designed to help people find out what they really enjoy, and how to couple that with a career. This is a topic that I have been trying to figure out for a long time now. The problem is that as soon as I think I have a good lock on what type of career I would enjoy I tend to lose focus.

I hope this helps…

Sacrifice Yourself

I can’t help the rush I get whenever I read “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Sometimes you know that you are outnumbered in a situation, and you are in the situation by no fault of your own. Surrounded on all sides by those that want you to fail. We’ve all been there at least once. So what do you do in the face of almost uncertain victory? Do you back down to allow the greater numbers to move in? Do you stand strong and attempt to hold off the onslaught until assistance comes (if it is coming)? Or do you recognize your fate, and decide to charge the opposition anyway?

It’s time to go down swinging. It’s time to charge those against me. And maybe, just maybe; my honorable actions will bestow respect for me among those that stand against my charge. Maybe they will move aside and not make me fight them. If I’m lucky; maybe the will join me on my charge.

From now on it’s no holds barred. I have wants for my family and myself. It’s time to take this career seriously.


A lot of people list multitasking as a skill that they posses. The professional world makes it almost necessary to work on multiple priorities at once. My thought on the value of this “skill” differs than my peers.

I believe that you can only effectively work on ONE task at a time…

Think of it this way. Let’s say that you can measure the focus of a person with a pitcher of water. In front of them is a row of empty glasses. Each glass has a fill line to represent task completion. The glasses are grouped by their collective project, and a small space is left between each grouping to signify a project focus switch (ie. “changing gears”). Once the pitcher is turned and water begins to pour it cannot be tilted back to stop the flow of water (you only have a certain amount of time in a day). Once the pitcher is empty the day is over and another pitcher will be given for the next day.

Singletasking vs Multitasking; let’s get it on!

The single task worker pours in the liquid to one glass at a time; making sure to hit the fill line before move to the next task. The next task is then completed and the pitcher is moved over the next task. This continues until the group of glasses in the “project” are filled. Keep in mind that no water has been spilled outside of a glass yet because of their groupings. This may have taken several pitchers of water depending on the glass sizes (“task timelines”). However, the only water that is spilled on the tabled is when the pitcher is moved to the next project. This spilled water is measured over the course of all of the projects and it is found that it can fill half of a water pitcher; or half of a day.

The multitask worker pours the liquid while continuously moving the pitcher around to different tasks and projects. Water is spilling onto the table during focus shifts. In the end it takes more water (“more time”) to fill all of the glasses due to the amount spilled (“focus changes”). The spilled water is measured and found that it can fill multiple pitchers; or multiple days of lost productivity!

Something to remember is that it is not always the fault of the person doing the pouring; sometimes it is the employer forcing the employees hand to move around and waste the productivity. This will have multiple consequences for the employee including; lower-moral, loss of sense of control, higher stress, loss of connection with work, etc.

So you think that you are one of the 2% that can multitask without spilling any water? Check out this link: